Terms & Conditions

1. Goods once sold will not be taken back

2. All payments will accepted in advance before despatching a good to the customer end place

3. Warranty: We hereby certify that goods mentioned in the invoice is/are warranted to be the nature, substances and quality which it/these purpose to be.

4. All cheques/DD/Cash must be payable to "Ranbir Singh Dhimans & Sons". All claims in respect to invoices/Bills, a challan must be presented in writing within 7days from the receiept of bills

5. All disputes subject to Chandigarh jurisdictions

6. Kindly note that the bankers will return documents. If not cleared within two weeks from the date of despatch till date if demand drafts.

7. The return of any goods for CREDIT or REPLACEMENT will not be accept in respect of complaints prooved to result from any defect in manufacture. Customer are requested to note that when goods are sent by Rail/Air, the responsibility of Ranbir Singh Dhimans & Sons ceases with the reciept of a clean reciept. In case of loss, breakages or short delivery, consignees must cliame on the Railway/Air/Transport authority, as the case may be.

If you would like to be part of our business or wants to get our products please reach us on call at (+91) - (172) - 2792511 or email us : contactus@dmans.in